About Us

      New Technology Electronics Co., Ltd is a world-renowned independent distributor and agent of electronic components, established in North America in 1998, dedicated to serving world-class EMS/OEM/ODM (Electronic Manufacturing Services/Original Equipment Manufacturers/Original Design Manufacturers). Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, we have established business departments in North America, Hong Kong, Suzhou, Singapore, Taiwan, Germany, and the United States. In 2011, Shenzhen Kemaoxiang Electronics Co., Ltd. was established to focus on RMB business and provide high-quality services to more customers.
      New Technology attaches great importance to product quality and has obtained ISO9001 quality system certification as early as 2008. It has professional product inspection and analysis equipment, as well as a strong quality control team.
      New Technology provides various active components (IC integrated circuits, storage chips, transistors, etc.), passive components (capacitors, resistors, inductors, sensors, connectors, relays, switch devices, etc.), and motors to meet the complex supply chain needs of customers.

Why Choose Us

Why is Newtech worth your choice?

Abundant global procurement channels and customer resources, differentiated price advantages

In-depth cooperation with original factories such as NXP/ST/INFINEON, and has exclusive supply resources of automotive, industrial and other product lines. Cooperate with global agents of Arrow/ AVNET/ WPI/ WT to make in-depth cooperation in the whole area and multiple dimensions, allocate their global inventory resources.

Fast and timely delivery ability to satisfy customer production and delivery

2 hours quick quote response
2-7 days for timely delivery of actions
Timely after-sales feedback

Professional quality control and service mechanism: Ensure the quality of delivered materials

Professional supplier introduction mechanism and strict supplier qualification assessment mechanism.
Professional incoming inspection mechanism.
In-depth cooperation with professional third-party testing institutions.

NewTech team: Consistently efficient and dynamic

The senior leadership team has over 20 years of rich experience, offering customers professional information integration resources. Young sales team always maintains a passionate state to provide customers with more efficient and high-quality services.

Our Team


Procurement supplier management: eliminate the risk of counterfeit components from the source, cooperate deeply with top domestic and foreign chip manufacturers, strictly select qualified suppliers, conduct regular evaluations, and ensure that they can provide the products required by customers in accordance with CCAP-101 and AS6081 certification standards.

Quality inspection: All inspectors of New Technology have received professional training and ensured that they have obtained product inspection and anti-counterfeiting certification in accordance with the CCCI-102 standard. New Technology has a complete set of quality inspection processes and professional equipment (such as electron microscopes and X-ray fluorescence spectrometers), De-Cap (open cover), ensuring zero risk of quality, and long-term cooperation with authoritative third-party testing institutions.

The main clients of New Technology are the top 100 global EMS companies, Fortune 500 companies, state-owned enterprises.

New Technology is a distributor and agent of electronic components. We provide customers with one-stop comprehensive solutions for scarce materials, PPV, dead materials, and small batch trial production through global procurement.

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